by Thinguins

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released August 1, 2016

Known Thinguins include:
Danny Strickland - Guitar/Vocals
Derek Webb - Bass/Vocals
Max Wohlfarth - Drums/Vocals

Music by Thinguins
Lyrics by Danny and Derek
Drums recorded at Goldentone Studios in Gainesville, Florida
Everything else recorded by Thinguins in Jacksonville, Florida
Mixing and Mastering by Danny Strickland


all rights reserved



Thinguins Jacksonville, Florida

Three piece from Jacksonville, Fl.
Danny plays guitar. Derek plays bass
Max plays drums.

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Track Name: Baby Want Bi-Byte
I didn't think you'd be entangled with another story
You can make it seem so quaint and unintentional
Underneath your charming smile there's room to worry
Another set of rules to guide what's unconventional

What's keeping you going?

I didn't even think you'd ask about the human body
I thought your expertise was based in possibility
Tried to dumb it down but I don't need to worry
You've said it many times The Lord has bigger plans for me
but I couldn't tell you

When you're dead and buried underground
Hope that you can make out every sound
Will you ask for recognition there
Feel so disappointed when no one cares?

I've heard many explanations for why we feel this way
I'm just trying to combine them for why I feel this way
What's keeping you going?

Different place in time
Changed my state of mind
I came up with this like they wanted me to

But a universal glitch got in the way
Dimensions wouldn't shift, but we tried anyway
See them passing time
Unaware of what's on their minds
What will come of this?
I can't say for sure.
Unprepared for this
Just can't take no more
Track Name: Lowes Banditos
You understand it's nice to say that it's okay
We're all okay
I'm glad our planetary orbits sound so nice
A temporary situation will suffice

I know where this goes
I know how these things tend to go

Charming alarm constantly ringing

You're like an unpainted canvas
You broke your cynical promise
I'm always down with your weirdness
I like to fuck up my progress
Track Name: Braillelellogram
It's nice to meet someone so into themselves
The tiny fragments of your skin are expanding forever

Variety is the spice of life
Sobriety is the vice in life

Sayonara little senorita, go
The television turned you into someone I don't know

I just can't take it this time
You're already off my mind

Did you need a reason just to be right here?
I'm ready to go but i'm not a lot for leaving
Didn't know I needed ways to disappear
I couldn't have known but something suggests I'm dreaming
Did you have a reason for being right here?
I'd like to wake up but I like the way I'm seeing
Did you need a reason just to be right here?
Wherever you call home is temporary
Track Name: Pterodactyl Death Do Us Part
All of a sudden you feel fine
Making someone happy
Hung up on the concept of nothing

This whole town's everything is not my style
I've planned on going somewhere for a while

You look like you've waited just as long as me
I've never quite been ready
Looking for the context in nothing

I believe that everything happens for a fucking reason
All the possibilities random probabilities teach us
I'm aware

You could like everyone
If you could like someone
Like you were everyone
You're not like anyone

I believe that everything happens for a fucking reason
All the possibilities random probabilities teach us

I'm aware
Track Name: Beach Blast (Vaguely Tropical)
If the sun is intangible
Why's it shining on your face
And could you tell me how i felt it there?
Out of place as usual,
Usually out of place,
I should investigate causality.

And I imagine myself back home,
What would i do?

Where'd your manners go?
You contradict yourself you know.
Its psychological.
And everything is vaguely tropical.

There's no worth in reputations,
There's so many points of view.
Society's always so awkward,
Oh no it's you,
Oh no it's me.

Honey please don't make up your mind.
Not until you find it here,
And I'll save it for another time,
But I'm lost, mine isn't here.

Did you think it was logical?
Stepping out of the tropical,
Try to appreciate the evident,
Hardly economical,
Could a worded assemblage misrepresent?